The culture of MPOnline Limited is built around providing excellence in our respective domains, contributing to the growth and success of our employees, a keen sense of integrity, a great sense of humour and a strong sense of social responsibility with us. We continually strive to ensure that MPOnline Limited employees experience job Enrichment and satisfaction.

Position for which you can Apply

  • Database Administrator
    Roles & Responsibilities
    • Migration Strategy,Configuration SQL component,Managing SQL server agent,Configuration and managing instances,Resolving concurrancy,Audit of sql server,Backup and Recovery strategy, Managing logins and database roles,Implementing replication,Implementing Mirroring,SQL,PLSQL,Performance and Tuning,Manage the security and disaster recovery aspects of a database, Generating various reports by querying from database as per need,Communicate regularly with technical,applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security
    • BI Tools-SSIS,SSRS
    • B.E/ (CS/IT)
    • 2-4 years
  • Software Developer
    Skills Required
    • MS SQL Server, ASP.Net,.Net Framework, Visual Studio, MVC,C#, Angular JS, OOPs concept, MSSQL/MySQL database, SOAP Webservice and REST API integration, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, JavaScript and jQuery.
    • Understand the Project requirement and prepare application architecture
    • To participate in Application development and testing
    • To Interact and Communicate with client
    • BE/ B.Tech/ MCA/ M.Sc (CS, IT)
    • Minimum 2-4 years

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full Time Graduation or Post Graduation
  • Not more than 2 years break in career (education or between jobs)
  • Consistent academic records Class X onwards (Minimum 50%)
  • Candidate should not have attended the MPOnline Selection Process in the last 6 months