The culture of MPOnline Limited is built around providing excellence in our respective domains, contributing to the growth and success of our employees, a keen sense of integrity, a great sense of humour and a strong sense of social responsibility with us. We continually strive to ensure that MPOnline Limited employees experience job Enrichment and satisfaction.

Current Openings

  • [+] Marketing Executive
  • [+] Customer Care Executive
  • [+] Geographic Information System Engineer
  • [+] Business Analyst
  • [+] Software Developer
  • [+] Business Development Manager
  • [+] Web Designer

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full Time Graduation or Post Graduation
  • Not more than 2 years break in career (education or between jobs)
  • Consistent academic records Class X onwards (Minimum 50%)
  • Candidate should not have attended the MPOnline Selection Process in the last 6 months